On October 17, 2022, Union City Borough Council held a special meeting to consider the two bids for Municipal Solid Waste and Recycling Services. The bids were due Friday, October 14, 2022.

The following information is being provided to further explain the bidding process.

In July 1988 Borough Council passed an ordinance that provided for the Borough to comply with state bidding requirements and mandate Borough residents to have garbage service with the contracted Municipal Waste Collection Company. This is a very common practice for cities, boroughs, townships, etc. all across Pennsylvania. As an example, currently the following all follow this process, Lake City, Girard Township, Girard Borough, Platea Borough, Fairview, Albion, Cranesville, Edinboro, and Corry.

Over the years the bid process has been completed every few years. This process has benefited Borough residents in several ways. First, with a company providing pricing for 900 plus residents they are able to provide lower pricing. Second, with having only one collection company in town, all garbage is collected the same day and it saves numerous different companies driving on the streets with heavy trucks and causing deterioration of the streets. Also, everyone’s garbage is put out the same time and keeps garbage from sitting at the curb in every neighborhood at different days, all week long. Thirdly, it is a way to be certain that all residents have garbage service as required and if they don’t Code Enforcement can contact them. If all residents aren’t required to have service, numerous residents wouldn’t and garbage would accumulate which will cause rodents, smell, etc. problems for the neighbors.

In 2020 the Borough followed the bid process. At that time, the only two bids received were from Raccoon Refuse and Advanced Disposal. It is the responsibility of Borough Council to select the bid that provides the required services at the best price. Raccoon Refuse was selected at a price of $55/quarter for garbage and recycling collection.

In August of 2022 the Borough was informed that Raccoon Refuse was out of business. That left the Borough, along with several other municipalities, looking for garbage collection services.

The problem was that Raccoon Refuse left 15,000 customers between Erie and Crawford County without service. With the current garbage collection providers in place, they couldn’t begin to absorb all the accounts. Several smaller companies have stopped accepting customers and others are on a very limited on how many more they can take.

After contacting Waste Management, they stated they didn’t have the manpower or equipment to accommodate the Borough. Advanced Disposal had been bought out by Waste Management and they weren’t able to accommodate either. Pro Waste stated they were unable to collect and didn’t provide residential collection services. Currently on-line it shows that BW Stroup and Swanson aren’t accepting new customers at this time.

Back in August Kicker Disposal contacted the Borough and stated that they had a couple of individuals that were willing to help the Borough out until a regular garbage service could be secured. They were willing to work their regular full-time jobs and then after work, collect garbage within the Borough. After several days of time-consuming effort to find a garbage collector, Borough Council decided to use the services of Kicker Disposal and assumed the financial responsibility for the costs. Kicker Disposal was willing to offer the service through October 31, 2022.

After that, Borough Council approved a bid package and advertised as required, and bids were due on September 26, 2022. The bid packages were emailed to garbage collection companies that we had contact information for, advertised twice in the local newspaper, and posted on the Union City Borough Facebook page. No bids were received.

Borough Council again approved advertising the bid package and the same process was followed. The bids were due on Friday, October 14, 2022 and two bids were received, one from Tri-County and one from Rare Breed.

Within the bid package there are several requirements in order to submit a bid. According to PA law those requirements must be met in order to consider the bids.

The Solicitor for Union City Borough reviewed all the documents provided with each bid.
He stated that out of the two bids one was fully compliant, Tri-County and one wasn’t, Rare Breed. Requirements would need to be waived to make Rare Breeds bid compliant and it would give them a competitive advantage over Tri-County. Tri-County could then sue the Borough and win. Consequently, the bid from Rare Breed couldn’t be considered.

Based on this information Council voted to accept the bid from Tri-County to provide for municipal solid waste and recycling services for 4 years, beginning November 4, 2022 and to reject the bid from Rare breed Refuse, LLC because the bid package was not complete.

Tri-County services will start on Friday, November 4, 2022 and collection day will be each Friday after that. They will provide solid waste and recycling services. They will provide a 96-gallon container with a brown lid for garbage services to be picked up each week. They will also provide a 96-gallon container with a blue lid for recycling which will be picked up every other week. These containers will be delivered over the next few weeks and initially it may be necessary to set the bags at the curb until they have all been delivered. The costs for these services are as follows:

Municipal Solid Waste96-gallon container each week
Recycling96-gallon container every other week
Both for $39.50/month
For an additional 96-gallon container the rate will be an additional $15/month

Municipal Solid Waste96-gallon container each week
Recycling96-gallon container every other week
Both for $39.00/month

All garbage should be placed at the curb by mid-night the night before pickup. Garbage and recyclables must be in trash bags and placed in the containers with the lids closed. Tri-County will be providing automated pickup. GLASS IS NO LONGER CONSIDERED A RECYCLABLE ITEM WITH COMMINGLED RECYCLING. You can separate any glass and take it to a glass recycling center at Troyer Property Improvements, 7690 Route 97, Union City, PA 16438. Directions/Map

Sticker Service30-gallon bag $10/month
Plus $6.00 Per Sticker
You must be 65 or older and provide your Driver’s License/Photo ID at the Borough Office. Stickers will be available at the Borough office, 13 South Main Street. The maximum bag size will be a 30-gallon bag. The bag can be placed at the curb and not in a container.

Tri-County will be billing on a quarterly basis. Anyone receiving the Elderly Reduced Rate will need to provide proof of age and apply at the Borough office. The information will be sent to Tri-County for a billing adjustment.

If you have a large item for pick-up, you will need to contact Tri-County and notify them so they can schedule the pickup. There is an extra fee depending on what the item is.

Tri-County will be sending a letter with more details within the next couple of weeks.