Applications must be printed using blue or black ink.

Application Deadline: Completed applications must be turned in by March 29, 2021 at 3:30 PM to be eligible for further testing. Applications may be turned in by the following methods: hand delivered or by email. Applications may not be mailed in. Tiebreakers for same test scores will be awarded by earliest date/time of application delivery.

Once applications are received, those eligible candidates will be contacted by email and mail of a scheduled date/time for the oral examination.

Once oral examinations are completed, scores will be ranked and forwarded to those candidates who tested.

Final scores will be graded with the written examination representing seventy percent (70%) of the final score and the oral examination representing thirty percent (30%) of the final test score. After an applicant has been extended a conditional offer of employment, final appointment shall be contingent upon the applicant passing a background investigation, medical and psychological examination and drug screening examination.

Included with the application packet is the “Job Description for Police Officer” form. This form will also need to be signed and handed in with the completed application.