Union City Borough worked with The EADS Group to develop a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan that will serve as a guide for future development and improvements at our Caflisch, Deveraux, Willow Street Ball Field, First Avenue and Southwest Parks. The Plan also developed a concept for creating a Nature Park on Borough owned property adjacent to Caflisch and Deveraux Parks. A Steering Committee consisting of Borough officials and staff, residents and members of the Parks and Recreation Committee guided development of the Plans. Recommended improvements for the Parks include new equipment and play features, restoring existing facilities, and safety and beautification improvements. Improvements also include new amenities such as new pavilions, picnic areas, seating areas and connections to French Creek and surrounding neighborhoods. A top priority that the Plan addresses includes developing safe and reliable walking loops in Caflisch, Deveraux, Willow Street Ball Field and in the proposed Nature Park.

The Borough has already begun moving forward with completing several early action items recommended in the Plan. These include obtaining funding to install a new comfort station and to construct a new walking pathway in Caflisch Park. Other early actions items completed by the Borough include preparing an Active Transportation Plan for the Borough, starting a Trail Feasibility Study for developing a public use trail along French Creek, and submitting for DCNR funding to implement improvements at Southwest Park. The Active Transportation Plan is providing a strategy for improving the walkability and bikeability in the Borough. This includes improving sidewalk conditions on priority routes, installing pedestrian and bike friendly features and other community enhancements such as signage to key community destinations, community walking loops of varying distances, route and distance markers, shaded rest areas, water fountains and bike repair stations.

The overall goal of the Parks and Recreation Plan is to improve the experience of being in Union City Borough for residents and visitors of all ages. Implementing the Plan will make Union City Borough a better place to live and to visit. The Concept Plans for each Park are provided below. The Borough is encouraging residents to review the Plans and to submit any comments or questions to mlazzari@eadsgroup.com by July 2, 2021.

Concept Plans