Contact: Cindy Wells, Borough of Union City
Phone: 814-438-2331


BOROUGH OF UNION CITY, PA (August 1, 2019) – The Borough of Union City is hosting a second public meeting to present a draft of the Historic Preservation Plan being developed for the Borough’s commercial historic district. The meeting will take place on Thursday August 29, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the American Legion, 9225 Route 6, Union City, PA 16438. Everyone with interest in preserving and improving the commercial historic district is invited to attend.

The Historic Preservation Plan’s consultants began work in May by studying the conditions of Union City’s commercial historic district, a 0.2 mile portion of Main Street, and in June feedback was gathered from community members, elected officials, and business and property owners. The initial draft of the Historic Preservation Plan is now ready for review. The plan details improvements to public spaces in downtown and provides recommendations for building maintenance, signage, lighting, and streetscape improvements. Façade improvement plans have been developed for multiple historic buildings. The Façade Improvement Plans provide property owners with a history of each site, detailed suggestions for improvements, ideal phasing for the improvements, and cost estimates.

A few non-historic buildings also received Façade Improvement Plans in order to better integrate them with the surrounding historic buildings. Following the second public meeting, and after incorporating public feedback, the Historic Preservation Plan will be finalized and presented at a public hearing in the fall.

The meeting on August 29th invites the public to provide the consultant team with feedback on the Historic Preservation Plan. Anyone planning to attend should RSVP to or call 814-438-2331 by August 23, 2019.

The first public meeting in June, the consultant team gathered general feedback about the commercial district and presented the historic preservation planning process. When the plan is complete, it will include strategies for public space and the Union City streetscape as well as proposed improvements for each façade reviewed in the study. The Plan’s goal is to provide design and development guidance for the Borough and its stakeholders for distribution of grant funding and assistance, especially for commercial district property owners interested in making building repairs and improving their building façades. The Borough has hired a consultant team: citySTUDIO, T&B Planning, and Milton Ogot Architect. The team has combined experience in preservation planning, as well as historic building preservation and rehabilitation.

Partial funding for the Union City Historic Preservation Plan is supported by a Keystone Historic Preservation Grant from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission (PHMC), a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Additional funding was provided by Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA), the Union City Community Foundation, and the Borough of Union City.

citySTUDIO, LLC builds up the region’s neighborhoods by bringing quality architecture to its communities, striving always to create projects that are beautiful, practical, and with a long-lasting impact. citySTUDIO has a deep respect for historic architectural and urban traditions, while at the same time pursuing successful innovations. The firm has experience with architectural and engineering services for residential and storefrontcommercial properties, particularly with rehabilitation and restoration projects; construction management; project coordination; urban design  and planning; and community outreach.

T&B Planning, Inc. has extensive experience providing historic preservation planning services for communities that have unique histories and historic resources. The design guidelines and preservation plans prepared by T&B Planning assist and educate stakeholders on how to preserve authentic resources in the face of changing economics, demographics, deferred maintenance, and proposals for new construction.

Milton Ogot, Architect, LLC (MOA) was founded in 1996, primarily as a community architectural firm, to provide much needed design and planning services to underserved Neighborhood Groups, Non-Profits, Church Organizations and Community Development Corporations (CDC’s). From start to completion, MOA engages the people, processes and technology to ensure that clients are served efficiently and effectively and that environments are created that reflect the client’s vision and goals. The firm’s approach to each project is guided by a philosophy of thoroughness, collaboration and sustainability.


If you would like more information about Union City’s Historic Preservation Plan, please call Cindy Wells at 814-438-2331 or email at