Union City Borough is working with The EADS Group and UpStreet Architects to develop a Union City Borough Active Transportation Plan that focuses on developing pedestrian and bike friendly amenities, community walking loops and connections to community destinations. This includes improving sidewalk conditions on priority routes, installing pedestrian and bike friendly features and other community enhancements such as signage to key community destinations, community walking loops of varying distances, route and distance markers, shaded rest areas, water fountains and bike racks and bike repair stations. Improving walking and biking in the Borough will improve public health, will create valuable community and economic assets and will provide quality-of-life benefits to our residents and visitors.

The Plan will help to make active walking, biking and wheeling more accessible, safe and attractive to residents and visitors of all ages and abilities. The Plan will also advance Erie County’s regional master plan, Destination Erie: A Regional Vision and its Vision of making the County a place where businesses, neighborhoods and families thrive. A Steering Committee consisting of Borough officials and staff, residents, members of the Parks and Recreation Committee, Erie County Planning along with health care, transportation and recreation representatives are guiding development of the Plan.

Maps highlighting Active Transportation Priorities, including Community Destination and Connection Routes; Community Walking Loops; Walkability (sidewalk) Improvements; and Pedestrian and Bike Amenities are provided below. The Borough is encouraging residents to review the Priority Mapping and to submit any comments or questions to mlazzari@eadsgroup.com by August 24, 2021. These maps will also be on display at the Borough Office, 13 South Main Street, during regular business hours.

Funding is provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Health through the State Physical Activity and Nutrition Grant and Preventive Health and Health Services Block Grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Active Transportation Plan (Draft)