For Immediate Release
Contact: Cindy Wells
Borough Secretary-Treasurer
Borough of Union City, 13 South Main Street, Union City, PA 16438
(O) 814-438-2331

Union City announces call for artists for downtown mural

UNION CITY, PA (June 12, 2020) – Union City Borough is requesting proposals and qualifications from artists for the design and implementation of a mural on the south-facing block wall of 28 South Main Street. The artwork will pay tribute in some way to the culture and heritage of Union City and may reflect the town’s manufacturing, milling, agricultural, and recreational traditions, as well as its most celebrated natural resource – French Creek.

The Borough recently published the Union City Historic Preservation & Streetscape Plan and is beginning implementation of the plan in 2020. As part of the implementation, Union City Borough is planning to transition a vacant lot located on the south side of 28 South Main Street into off-street parking. The site is at the southernmost end of Union City’s downtown business district.

The proposed mural (a minimum of 40 ft. x 12 ft. in size) will help beautify the new parking area, as well as create a gateway element signifying to travelers that they have arrived at Union City’s downtown. More than 8,000 vehicles travel through Union City and drive by 28 South Main Street daily.

The deadline for applicants to apply is July 31, 2020.

The full request for proposal can be found here or by contacting Borough Secretary Cindy Wells at or 814-438-2331.

Once the artist is selected, the Borough and artist will work collaboratively to engage the community in the mural design process.

Funding for the mural is from Erie Arts & Culture and the Erie Community Foundation Shaping Tomorrow Grant.